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Stella: A 7 Year-Old Khaleesi Super-Fan

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada April 24, 2023
Stella:  A 7 Year-Old Khaleesi Super-Fan

We recently received the most wonderful envelope in the mail.  It contained a letter, enough cheetah artwork to cover an entire fridge, and a donation to CCF of more than $300.

The sender was seven year-old Stella M. from Alberta who collected donations instead of gifts for her February birthday in order to sponsor Khaleesi.

Stella wrote:

“My name is Stella.  I turned 7 on February 13th, 2023.  Instead of gifts I asked all of my family and friends to donate to your cause…because…I LOVE CHEETAHS, (as you can see from all of my art).

Can I please sponsor Khaleesi, the young cheetah here in the pictures I’m sending you?

Will you send me a picture of her to put up in my room?

I hope every penny of the cheque we are sending goes to support the research & conservation of these beautiful creatures. May their species live FOREVER & EVER, Amen.



Stella…thank you for loving cheetahs, and collecting 20 donations for Khaleesi and raising awareness of cheetah conservation! Your pictures of Khaleesi are in the mail.

Stella joins a group of young Canadians that we call our Cheetah Champions! They are some of the cheetahs’ most passionate supporters. From lemonade stands to school projects, conservation studies to internships, youth across Canada are raising funds, spreading awareness, and learning conservation techniques in order to create a future for cheetahs.  Here are some resources that other Cheetah Champions might like to access.

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