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Cubs Club Summer Art Challenge Exhibition

  • by Hannah Mulvany September 8, 2022
Cubs Club Summer Art Challenge Exhibition

This post was broadcasted from Cheetah Conservation Fund United Kingdom.
Over the 2022 school holidays, we asked our Cubs Club members and young supporters to join our Summer Art Challenge where entrants created artwork using the theme ‘Cheetahs in the Wild’. We also asked for a sentence about their artwork and why they had created it, so that we could create this exhibition and share their marvellous masterpieces with the world. A huge thank you to everyone who entered!

If you know a young person who would be interested in joining our Cubs Club, you can find out more information here.

'She gets inspired by the beauty of the cheetah and by CCF.' - Thalia (caption by Thalia's parent)
'My little sister Autumn (age 4) would like to submit her artwork. I will submit mine in a separate email in the future. She drew a ‘Wild cheetah with a tracking collar’ for CCF. “I like cheetahs because they are super fast and the cubs chirp is very cute. I want to help save cheetahs and lions and all the big cats. I like how people use tracking collars to find cheetah when they run around the savanna.' - Ella
'I painted this, inspired by the sunrise and the savannahs/scrubland cheetahs usually live in. In this picture, we have a lone cheetah standing between two trees, in front of a layer of bushes, and with the sun just coming over the horizon.' - Evie
'Cheetahs belong in the wild, running free. This is my cheetah hunting a lilac breasted roller.' - Erin
'The drawing is of a cheetah looking for prey. I love to draw cheetahs to raise awareness and money for the Cheetah Conservation Fund UK. We must focus on cheetahs because they may go extinct.' - Ella
'We really enjoyed painting our cheetahs. It was fun making the spots by flicking the brush and blending the different colours to get the right shade. We loved the art workshop ❤️ Thank you!' Juliet & Henry
'I found a photo capturing a yawning cheetah cub and thought this little guy here was super cute and could speak right to people’s hearts, so I decided to draw him or her.' - Jimin
'It shows a cheetah looking at its prey, but it’s eaten already, so it’s having a rest after its run.' - Erin

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