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Paws for Art: Celebrating Young Talents in the CCF’s Cheetah-Inspired Art Competition

  • by Jeanette Sheehan Snow November 30, 2023
Paws for Art: Celebrating Young Talents in the CCF’s Cheetah-Inspired Art Competition

We are so thankful for all the participants of our Children’s Art Competition and grateful for all their beautiful work!

CCF is proud to announce the winners of its recent Juried Children’s Art Competition. Centered on the theme of the cheetah in its natural habitat, this competition has highlighted the artistic talents of young individuals, showcasing their unique perspectives on the relationship between people, nature, and the majestic cheetah.

We are deeply grateful for the incredible creativity and skill demonstrated by all participants. Special thanks are due to our jurors, Jean Hinkley and Lisa Winika, for their expertise in selecting these outstanding pieces from a pool of inspiring entries.

Our Esteemed Winners

We are delighted to present the winning artworks, each a beautiful representation of the cheetah’s world:

Age Group: 6 to 9

Best in Show: Quinn Fisher – “Rainfall”
Honorable Mentions: Elle Bohnenkamp – “Queen of the Jungle”, Kitra Aviva Schneider – “Kitra & Cheetah”
Cheetah’s Choice: Ada Bergman – “Napping Cheetah Family”

Quinn Fisher "Rainfall" Best in Show
Elle Bohnenkamp "Queen of the Jungle" Honorable Mention
Kitra Aviva "Kitra and the Cheetah" Honorable Mention
Ada Bergman "Napping Cheetah Family" Cheetah's Choice
Cheetah's Choice in Somaliland

Age Group: 10 to 15

Best in Show: Tawnie Raymond – “Sunset”
Honorable Mentions: ESTER CANZIO – “Stay Wild, Stay Better”, Ashley Chen – “Cheetah Cub in Habitat”
Cheetah’s Choice: Zadie Lewandowski – “Potato the Charcoal Cheetah”

Tawnie Raymond "Sunset" Best in Show
Ashley Chen "Cheetah Cub in Habitat" Honorable Mention
Ester Canzio "Stay Wild, Stay Better" Honorable Mention
Zadie Lewandowski "Potato the Charcoal Cheetah" Cheetah's Choice
Cheetah's Choice in Somaliland

Prizes and Exhibition

Prizes will be awarded to the winners in recognition of their exceptional work. Additionally, the winning artworks will be displayed both in our online exhibition starting December 4, 2023, and at the CCF Centre in Namibia during the International Cheetah Day Celebrations. This will provide a global platform for these young artists, aligning their creative expressions with the cause of wildlife conservation.

View the Complete Collection

To experience the full array of artistic talent, we invite you to visit the Complete Kids Art Gallery. Coming soon, where each contributing to our shared goal of wildlife conservation, are showcased.

We congratulate all the winners and participants for their remarkable contributions. Your artwork is not only visually impressive; it plays a crucial role in promoting awareness and support for the conservation of cheetahs.

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