Cheetah Fit Challenge 2024

Sep 21 - Oct 6, 2024

  • Location: CCF's Worldwide Affiliates and Chapters
  • Venue: In Your Area

Join the Global Movement to #SaveTheCheetah!

Save the Date: September 21 to October 6, 2024
Registration starts July 14 – special discount for early birds

Cheetah Fit Challenge – Make a difference for yourself and for the cheetah!

Join the challenge that prioritizes your fitness and also helps CCF provide full spectrum care for cheetahs at our Centres in Namibia and in Somaliland. Let’s stand together to protect and care for injured, and orphaned cheetahs as we work to conserve these incredible big cats in the wild for future generations!

This is your chance to make a difference for the cheetah and to contribute to the fight against Human-Wildlife Conflict and the Illegal Wildlife Trade (e.g., Horn of Africa) by spreading the word. Tell your friends and family to join the challenge. Get your employers to sponsor or join the challenge as a team so that we all get ready to be fit for the cheetah!

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What does “Cheetah Fit” mean?

  • Whole-Body Wellness: In the wild, cheetahs are the epitome of agility and speed, capable of reaching speeds up to 75 mph in short bursts. However, these bursts are balanced with long periods of rest, where they recover and conserve energy. At CCF, rescued cheetahs receive not only rigorous exercise to maintain their physical prowess but also ample opportunities to rest, mirroring their lives in the wild.
  • Nutrition and Care: Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the health of cheetahs. At CCF, each cheetah’s diet is carefully managed to ensure optimal health, which is a critical component of their overall care that includes regular veterinary check-ups, enrichment and personalized attention.

Your Participation in the Challenge:

  • Choose Your Activity: Tailor the challenge to your personal fitness and wellness goals. Whether it’s running, yoga, focusing on nutrition, or practicing mindfulness, your chosen activity reflects the holistic approach of the challenge. Embrace activities that resonate with your lifestyle and interests.
  • Fundraise for Cheetahs: As you engage in your chosen activities, you’re encouraged to fundraise to support your fitness goal. Your efforts will directly support CCF, aiding in the full care of rescued cheetahs and support programs to reduce Human-Wildlife Conflict and combating the Illegal Wildlife Trade of cheetah cub as pets. This is an opportunity to turn your passion for fitness into a powerful tool for conservation.
  • Flexible Participation: Whether you’re a solo enthusiast or a team player, this challenge welcomes all. Rally your friends, family, or colleagues to join in, or embrace the challenge on your own. Every participant adds strength to our collective impact.
  • International Involvement: No matter where you are, you can be a part of this vital cause. The challenge, once available exclusively in Canada, is now open to international participants. CCF affiliates in Germany, the UK, the US and Canada are all in for this challenge. Registration will open on July 14.

Become an Event Sponsor*

The virtual Cheetah Fit Challenge 2024 is an international event which combines fitness and wildlife conservation and will take place from September 21 to October 6 across the US, the UK, Canada and Germany. This event will help raise awareness and funding for the care of cheetahs at CCF’s Field Conservation Centres in Namibia and Somaliland. The cheetah is a global symbol used by many as short hand to express agility and speed – the ultimate performance! We are collaborating to make this event a grassroots initiative where participants across our respective countries and beyond will join to get fit and make a difference for the cheetah.
*Prices below in US$

Your event sponsorship represents a unique opportunity to demonstrate to your clients and employees that you value conservation by supporting a world class conservation organization, CCF, in their mission to save the cheetah and its ecosystems for future generation while improving the livelihood of local communities living along side.

Sponsorship Levels

  1. Sponsor Cheetah Fit for $2,500 and receive visibility on our social media, e-mail campaign to our supporters and website.
    • Social media: a thank you post to sponsors, a tailored post that would be used across our social media platforms and yours and a mid-event post. CCF Facebook alone has over 250,000 followers.
    • E-mail: sponsor included in the campaign email to our database (reaches over 130,000 individuals)
    • Website: your logo on our event page (web traffic represents over 14,000 visitors monthly)
    • A free registration for a team of up to 10 employees and all receiving an event t-shirt. Value of $350.
  2. Sponsor Cheetah Fit for $1,250 and receive visibility on social media and website
    • Social media: a tailored post that would be used across our social media platforms and yours. CCF Facebook alone has over 250K followers.
    • Website: your logo on our event page (web traffic represents over 14,000 visitors monthly)
    • A free registration for a team of up to 10 employees and all receiving an event T-shirt. Value of $350
  3. Sponsor Cheetah Fit by contributing to be included on our event t-shirt and your logo would appear on the back of t-shirt with other sponsors.

Enroll teams from your company to join the challenge and make a difference. It is a great team building event and can encourage friendly competition between teams. Registration opens July 14.

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Resident Cheetah Care is “Cheetah Fit”

CCF's Field Conservation Centres in Namibia and Somaliland care for over 130 cheetahs rescued from human-wildlife conflicts or illegal wildlife trade. Most cannot return to the wild. CCF has been working with local communities living alongside the cheetah so that they benefit from better farming practices, ecotourism, and new employment opportunities, hence reducing the poaching and killing of cheetahs.

Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) has affiliates across the globe including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and United States. Most are registered charity in their country with a goal to raise awareness and funding to support conservation and education programs in Namibia and Somaliland to ensure that the cheetah – the world’s fastest land animal – is saved from extinction. Facing many threats, including human-wildlife conflict and illegal wildlife trade due to the demand-driven pet trade in the Middle East, the cheetah needs our support.

Event Volunteers

We are looking for 5-8 volunteers in each region to help us promote the Cheetah Fit Challenge with local businesses, sports/fitness groups and other organizations or influencers suited for this challenge. We expect 1-2 hours a week of volunteer time from May 1 to October 6. We would meet (via Zoom) as a group in each region once a month to discuss action plan and progress. Volunteers will receive a free registration which include an event T-shirt, and you will be the first out of the gate to show leadership by your participation in the challenge.

If you are interested, please contact: providing:

Your full name, where you live (city/region/country) and why you are interested in volunteering to make this event a success.

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Registration Opens July 14 with early bird pricing.

If you want to be informed when you can register, please send your information to and we will let you know.

14 Days of Fitness for a Critical Cause: Make a difference for yourself and for the cheetah!

Do it your way, in your own time, sign up as an individual or form a coalition with friends, family and colleagues. Corporations can also can join in as a Corporate Team.

Currently, CCF has over 130 cheetahs under their care. In Namibia, CCF has close to 30 cheetahs which have been rescued as orphaned or injured cheetah due to Human-Wildlife Conflict. While at CCF Somaliland – Cheetah Rescue and Conservation Centre (CRCC), the team is caring for over 100 cheetahs rescued from the Illegal Wildlife Trade, driven by the demand for exotic pets.

Choose any fitness goal to complete during the event:

  • You can do something every day, or only once during the two-week period, or any other schedule that works for you!
  • You can run, walk, golf, bike, swim, kayak – any activity you choose!
  • You can do the activity alone, or you can do it with others – so flexible!
  • Share your activities on social media #CheetahFit2024

Set a financial goal:

  • Ask family, colleagues and friends for donations.
  • Share the threats to the cheetah survival on your social media and reason for your participation
  • All donations received from the Cheetah Fit Challenge 2024 will be used to offset the costs the full care provided to the rescued cheetahs at our Centres. While your donation is nominally earmarked for the full care of cheetahs at our Centres, we reserve the right to redirect fund raised to CCF’s greatest need.

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Individual and /or Team registration
Note: for team participation, the team captain needs to register as an individual and create the team. Then the team captain would send instruction to individual team members to register and associate themselves to the team.

Corporate Team – up to 10 members
Note: One registration for each corporate team of up to 10 members. Only the team captain needs to register and all members are working to achieve the team fitness and financial goal.

Not interested in participating but want to support the cheetah?

If you have any questions about this year’s challenge, please send us an email to

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