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  • by Cheetah Fit Team April 15, 2024

We have put together some resources for participants about CCF, human-wildlife conflict and illegal wildlife trade so you can easily use to raise awareness about the threats facing the cheetah and the work has been doing for over 30 years to save the cheetah in the wild.

We also have included cheetah masks if you are camera shy so you can put on for pictures on social media.

Thank you for joining this important challenge.

About Cheetah Conservation Fund

Established in 1990, CCF is at the forefront of global cheetah research and conservation efforts, dedicated to ensuring the survival of the cheetah in its natural habitat through research, conservation strategies, education, and partnerships. With its headquarters in Namibia and a field base in Somaliland, CCF operates the world’s longest-running program dedicated to cheetah conservation.

More about the threats of the cheetah survival

Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) is a pressing issue in various regions across the globe, leading to devastating consequences for both wildlife and local communities. Besides the killing of animals that are perceived to be threatening livelihoods, another of the detrimental outcomes of HWC is its contribution to the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT).

One of the greatest threats to the cheetah in the wild is human-wildlife conflict. Over 90 percent of cheetahs live outside protected management areas, meaning that they live alongside human communities. Most of these are commercial and communal farming communities are raising cows, sheep, and goats.

To the communal farmers, the loss of even a single animal can be devastating. Cheetahs and other predators are commonly viewed as a threat to the livelihoods of the farming community. Currently, CCF Namibia has about 30 cheetahs under their care. A few are identified for rewilding but need to go through rigorous assessment before they are considered for rewilding.

The key to securing a future for the cheetah, is to secure the livelihoods of the people who share its habitat. Through livelihood development, CCF assists the communities living in cheetah-country through its Future Farmers of Africa and the Livestock Guarding Dog programs.

CCF & the Illegal Wildlife/Pet Trade (IWT) – In 2019, CCF opened a facility in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, to house and care for cheetahs that had been rescued from poachers.

In 2023, CCF relocated all the cheetahs from the safe houses in the city to a large, natural reserve (the new Cheetah Rescue and Conservation Centre) in Geed-Deeble, Somaliland.

When the rescued cheetahs arrived at CCF, many were in dire straits and in need of critical emergency care. If they survived the first 48 hours – and many do not – CCF then provides ongoing permanent care. There are presently ~100 cheetahs in residence, with more expected.

Download & Print a Cheetah Masks

We have two sizes available – Adult and Youth – and the instructions are included on the print-out. Have some fun by printing these cheetah masks and wear them during the challenge or for pictures on social media.

#CCFCheetahFit2024 Sample Social Media Captions

  • #DidYouKnow only 7,100 cheetahs remain in the wild, and they don’t breed in captivity? That’s why @CCFCheetah is working tirelessly to #SaveTheCheetah from extinction. It’s also why I’m taking part in #CCFCheetahFit2024. Will you help #Donate
  • In the #IllegalPetTrade,#CriticallyEndangered cheetah cubs are removed from the wild at only a few wks old. 80% will die in transit Most are from the Horn of Africa, where <500 adult cheetahs remain. But you can help. Please support #CCFCheetahFit2024 @CCFCheetah
  • ~ 1 in 4 cheetahs rescued from the #IllegalPetTrade will reach a safe house alive — because they are found in such critical condition. Please help me raise funds to provide 24/7 care for 90+ rescued cheetahs in Somaliland. @CCFCheetah #CCFCheetahFit2024 #KeepTheWildWild
  • In 2016 @ccfcheetah opened a Hargeisa, Somaliland facility to house and care for cheetah cubs rescued from poachers. In 2022, all cheetahs were moved to a more natural environment on Geed-Deeded Please support my #CCFCheetahFit2024 challenge and ease the rising care costs for 98 cheetahs housed there. #Donate
  • 98 cheetahs are housed and cared for at the @ccfcheetah Cheetah Rescued & Research Centre. Education sessions are deployed and more and more people understand that poaching cheetah cubs is illegal and they can go to jail. Will you help by sponsoring my #CCFCheetahFit2024 challenge?
  • Some rescued cheetahs can learn to survive in the wild, but others become habituated to their human caretakers (and no longer candidates for rewilding). Please support my #CCFCheetahFit2024 challenge and raise $ for their ongoing care.
  • #CCFCheetahFit2024 invites people across CCF affiliates to participate in an activity of their choosing to raise awareness and funds to help care for #CriticallyEndangered cheetahs rescued from the #IWF trade that are now in the care of @CCFCheetah in Somaliland. #Donate
  • #DidYouKnow cheetahs are Africa’s most endangered big cat? Less than 7,100 #WildCheetahs remain. The #IllegalPetTrade is a major threat to their survival (along with #HumanWildlifeConflict and #HabitatLoss). Will you help me #SaveTheCheetah?
  • Registration is open! #CCFCheetahFit2024 is a fitness challenge that invites you to get active and help #SaveTheCheetah from the #IWF trade and prevent Human-Wildlife conflicts.
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  • Have you signed up? Join me for a fitness challenge with a critical cause #CCFCheetahFit2024 Register today



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