Help protect Africa’s most endangered big cat

Fewer than 7,100 cheetahs are left in the wild. Celebrated as the world’s fastest land mammal, the cheetah is officially the most endangered big cat in Africa, and now faces a race against extinction.

Our vision is to see a world in which cheetahs live and flourish in coexistence with people within a sustainable system that is protective of the environment. A world in which cheetahs are free to live their natural lives and are no longer a species rapidly heading towards extinction.

These majestic cats need our help. Your donation WILL make a difference toward saving the cheetah in the wild.

Your gift today

Your donation will allow CCF’s frontline conservation staff to:

  • Conduct scientific and field research to understand more about threats to cheetahs and how to tackle them
  • Educate communities that share cheetah landscape to support them to successfully live alongside all wildlife
  • Provide practical solutions to reduce human-wildlife conflict and to support livelihood development
  • Deliver conservation programmes that help keep cheetahs where they belong – in the wild
  • Continue the work to end cheetah trafficking across the species’ range