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Update From Dr. Marker – New Cheetah Cub Named Little C.

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker August 30, 2007
Update From Dr. Marker – New Cheetah Cub Named Little C.

Cheetah workups are happening and also our annual full moon Waterhole count. All the cheetahs are doing well – the Hogwart’s trio are doing great – they now run in the girls’ area and we are just finishing up a new 26-acre area. We will be moving our 2007 orphans, twelve total, into this area – too many cheetahs! And, Kanini is doing great.

We have a new cheetah cub at CCF. Our new little guy named Little C. is doing well and has many adoring fans. I was away again for several days and he seemed to really miss me. I arrived home now 2 days ago and have gotten him playing and he is exploring his outside area. Once outside, Little C. began to climb trees, and spends time with Kanini (through the fence), although she shows some displeasure when he tries to swat at her. He has also been spending time with Chewbaaka (also through the fence). They seem to like each other.

The other cats are now all settled in their new enclosure and like all the space. The clinic is bustling again, as we have started our annual reproductive study. Its quite exciting, one of the females produced 33 eggs – the highest take so far!

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