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The Okakarara or OK Cubs

  • by CCF Staff September 18, 2010
The Okakarara or OK Cubs

We received a call from the Ministry in Otjiwarongo for a confiscation of four cubs in Okakarara. The cubs were about one month old, two males and two females. They were caught by a communal farmer.

The cubs were very scared at first and needed round the clock care and feedings. CCF’s veterinary staff sprang to action, under the direction of Dr. Marker, and the cubs are now nearly seven weeks old. All the cubs are now named. The little female is Tiger Lily, who came out of her transport crate screaming like a baby tiger. We named the small male cub Peter and the bigger male cub was named KhayJay, from the Hindu word that means “charge into action”. Finally, the other little female is Senay, a Turkish word meaning “Lovely like the Moon”.

Tiger Lily being cared for by Dr. Marker.

The cubs are now playing outside regularly and love to chase each other around their newly explored area. Peter and Khayjay are both enthralled with CCF’s ambassador cat Chewbaaka, who takes rests in the shade behind the fence. The cubs are eating well and becoming much more aware of their environment. They will start getting three feedings per day as of today. In addition to their raw “meat balls,” the cubs love to chew and tear on a rib bone. When we first introduced the bones they ate very little but now they are a few weeks older, they rip into the meat with gusto, it’s a real lunch time favourite!

Sharing a lunchtime bone.
Exploring near the fence.

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