Resident Cheetahs

Soraya the Escape Artist

  • by CCF Staff January 15, 2010
Soraya the Escape Artist

One of CCF’s Star cubs, Soraya, learned to jump out of her enclosure into the front yard. She was found there a couple of times in the last couple of days and no one knew how she did it, but yesterday, after putting her back in the Stars’ enclosure again, she jumped out right in front of everyone!

But she doesn’t just jump out–she climbs on the roof of the little hut, then jumps to the roof of Laurie’s house, then slides down that and drops to the ground! Ingenious!

So of course the three Stars have been moved out of that enclosure so she can’t continue to get out. I think it’s incredible that Soraya could map out a multi-stage plan to get out.

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