Resident Cheetahs

Road to Freedom for More Cheetahs

  • by Ryan Sucaet November 12, 2011
Road to Freedom for More Cheetahs

On Sunday, 30 October, we immobilised and placed radio tracking collars on Xena and Luna, the first two females planned for release. Both females are now in a small pen, awaiting release into the Bellebenno 4,000-hectare camp. The collars are VHF and GPS combination collars for traditional radio-tracking but their movements will also be followed via download of data from GPS satellite. All went well and the cats are tolerating their new collars well. Once they’ve learn to hunt on their own, they will be considered for release into the wild.

Just over a year ago, I was here at CCF monitoring the Chocolates and Chanel – four captive female cheetahs that beat all odds to become wild, self-sufficient cats. They have all been moved from Bellebeno and are now living at Erindi Private Game Reserve.

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