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Young Eco-Hero Awards

  • by Angelina Mertens October 6, 2017
Young Eco-Hero Awards

Paloma Russ, is back again and hard at work to promote Cheetah Conservation Fund. She was honored by Action for Nature (AFN) as a 2017 Young Eco-Hero, an award that recognizes eco-conscious youth aged 8 to 16. The awardees in Paloma’s age bracket championed many different causes from Papyrus swamp protection in Kenya to recycling of e-waste in Florida. Paloma received an Honorable Mention for her work supporting cheetah conservation efforts.

The Eco-Hero award ceremony took place at Google headquarters in San Francisco on September 16th. Paloma was joined by award winners Hridith Sudev (left) and Shreya Ramachandran (right). The bearded dragon hanging out with Hridith, is named Spike and is owned by the founder of Tree Frog Treks, zoologist/biologist Chris Giorni.

Paloma has raised money with lemonade stands and bake sales and has given presentations to her school and the local 4-H program in Marin County, California. She also makes and sells greeting cards and has volunteered for CCF at events such as Earth Day at the Oakland Zoo. Paloma organized a large fundraiser in October 2016, raising more than $7,000, which she donated to the CCF.

Watch the video below for more on her mission to help CCF save the cheetah in the wild.

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