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National Pet Adoption Weekend with the Cheetahs

  • by Jordan Rank September 25, 2019
National Pet Adoption Weekend with the Cheetahs

At the National Pet Adoption event on Saturday, September 14th, we had a great day! I set up a Colorful table for the Cheetah Conservation Fund. We printed out some activities from the CCF website and brought crayons to hand out. We also found baby cheetah gift boxes. We filled them with candy and handed those out with interactive books for kids.

We had coloring pages too. For the adults we had CCF brochures. The brochures went like wildfire. I had the last minute idea to put out a hot chocolate can for donations. I put my money for the CCF in on the table. I put in $5 dollars and my brother Donny put in 40 cents. We thought having money in beforehand might help pressure people to donate. The first person that came to our table I improvised an elevator speech. Eventually I had one thing I said to everyone, and a lot of donations happened. I ended up with $40.40 for CCF. I stopped only to have a mac n’ cheese hot dog and a Coke. Even then I got up with each person. Some people had to be convinced to donate, some people donated right off the bat. When business was slow, Donny and I made a house of crayons. I went out occasionally to hand out brochures. I had a lot of fun and I would do it again.

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