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Littlest Cheetah Scientists

  • by CCF Staff October 10, 2014
Littlest Cheetah Scientists

Azan and Nicola, two first grade students at Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School in Montreal, share a love of animals. They chose to partner up and expand their cheetah knowledge in the school’s science fair. They shared their cheetah facts with their classmates and talked about how CCF helps protect cheetahs.

They explained how cheetahs get blamed for killing farm animals because they don’t hunt at night like other wild cats: they hunt in the day. So when farmers find their animals dead, they see cheetahs and think it was the cheetah’s fault and sometimes shoot them. The CCF teaches farmers how to know which predator attacked their animals, they also train dogs to protect their animals. They also explained how CCF cares for orphaned cheetahs.

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