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Indigo Sells Cookies, Cakes, and Candies for CCF

  • by CCF Staff October 9, 2019
Indigo Sells Cookies, Cakes, and Candies for CCF

Indigo is a dedicated CCF Kid from Northern Virginia! Indigo already loved cheetahs because of her mom’s involvement with CCF but she became even more passionate about cheetah conservation after a visit to CCF, Namibia in 2016. In May 2019, she had her Bat Mitzvah and for her “mitzvah” good deeds project, she wanted to support Cheetah Conservation Fund. She held a fundraiser at Temple Rodef Shalom Sunday School and raised nearly $1,000 selling home-made cookies with cheetah “spots” for $2.00, home-made cheetah cupcakes and also M&Ms for $1.00. Indigo also sold CCF books, CCF tote bags and jewelry.

It was very important to her to have an informational/educational aspect to her project regarding the conservation and program work that CCF does. She talked a lot with people about the Livestock Guarding Dogs, work with farmers etc., as well as making this incredible poster board which she displayed. She had so much fun with her outreach efforts that she is actually wanting to hold another fundraiser. She and her parents have not yet established dates but are considering something to coincide with International Cheetah Day on December 4th!

Thank you so much Indigo!

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