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Hank’s Cheetah Café

  • by CCF Staff October 29, 2015
Hank’s Cheetah Café

Hank and his dad Mike from California successfully held their second Cheetah Café on October 10. They raised $590.91 from coffee drinks, homemade baked goods, and Hank’s original artwork. Guest barista, Todd Elliott (pictured with Hank to the right) of Tony’s Coffee, served up hot beverages made with beans donated by Tony’s Coffee.

Cheetah Café was an idea Hank and his dad Mike came up with together, combining Hank’s love of cheetahs with Mike’s small dream of hauling his espresso machine into the driveway to make coffee for passersby. It was a great way for Hank to learn about non-profits and how they can support them, and Hank—a real numbers guy at heart—loved laying out the menu and prices, manning the cash register and making change for customers. He decorated the coffee counter with his large menagerie of plush cheetahs, and made posters with info about cheetahs and the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Thanks Hank!

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