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Erin’s fantastic fundraising!

  • by Hannah Mulvany August 15, 2022
Erin’s fantastic fundraising!

This post was broadcasted from Cheetah Conservation Fund United Kingdom.
Meet Erin.
Erin is 7 years old and loves cheetahs. She loves all animals, but especially cats, and says “cheetahs are the best because they’re the cutest and they’re endangered, so we have to save them.” Her favourite cheetah fact is ‘a cheetah’s tail is used to direct them and keep them balanced when they’re running super fast.’

Erin is a member of our Cubs Club and is a Young Ambassador for CCF UK. She is playing an amazing role promoting CCF UK, cheetahs and fundraising, so we wanted to celebrate her amazing work!

Erin’s main interests are playing sports and drawing animals – something she is very good at! Erin recently sent us her artwork for our school holidays Cheetah Art Challenge, see below.

Erin’s artistic talents also extend to delicious cookies, which she bakes and sells to raise money for CCF UK. She even creates beautiful spotty bags to put her cookies in, and colourful promotional signs.

This April, Erin took part in our Cubs Club 30 Day Challenge by baking choc chip cookies (her culinary speciality!), and advertised them on her local Facebook page to sell her baked goods in the village where she lives.

Erin recently attended the cheetah day at Hamerton Zoo Park where she was selling cookies and collecting money for CCF UK.  So far this year, Erin has raised an incredible £250! A massive CCF UK thank you to Erin for all her hard work, and to her parents for their support!

If you’re interested in joining our Cubs Club or know a young person who would be contact Alison, our Cubs Club Co-ordinator, for more information.

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