Entering our Cheetah Art Challenge is super easy! Just follow the instructions below and send your masterpieces to our Cubs Club Co-ordinator, Alison.


Here’s some of the fantastic artwork we’ve already received.

Erin: "Cheetahs belong in the wild, running free. This is my cheetah hunting a lilac breasted roller."
Ella: "The drawing is of a cheetah looking for prey. I love to draw cheetahs to raise awareness and money for the Cheetah Conservation Fund UK. We must focus on cheetahs because they may go extinct."
Evie: "I painted this, inspired by the sunrise and the savannahs/scrubland cheetahs usually live in. In this picture, we have a lone cheetah standing between two trees, in front of a layer of bushes, and with the sun just coming over the horizon."