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Cheetah Cake Sale in New Zealand

  • by CCF Staff August 2, 2014
Cheetah Cake Sale in New Zealand

Lily and her friends from New Zealand raised money to sponsor Amani by selling cakes and sweets at school. Read Lily’s words:

I have always been interested in animals and last year at school we were learning to write reports and our teacher gave us different animals to write about. That was when I first started to find out about endangered animals. The cheetah was always my favourite.

Then a few weeks ago my friend Eva was talking about tigers becoming endangered and how she wanted to help them. I remembered the work I had done last year and decided I was going to try and help.

At home I started using the computer to research cheetahs and found your website, when I saw Amani and how she had only one eye I knew she was the one I wanted to sponsor. I love that her name means Peace.

At school I asked my friends if they wanted to help me and then we started looking at things we could do to raise money. I told them all to check out Amani on your website and they all wanted to help. We decided we would do a cake sale with our mums’ help.

We first had to ask our Deputy Principal Mr Chalmers if it was ok and he told us to write a letter telling him why we wanted to help. We did this and he said we could have the cake sale.

We made posters to put up at school, sent a letter home to tell people when it was and talked about it on our school radio station (which you can listen to online!)

On Thursday 5th June we had our senior school cake sale. The cakes, lolly necklaces and fudge sold out in minutes and we managed to raise $165!!!!!

They are hoping to hold a middle school cake sale and a junior school cake sale next term to raise more money. Thank you Lily! Thank you Lily’s cheetah friends!

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