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Ava’s Lemonade Stand for the Cheetahs

  • by CCF Staff September 22, 2021
Ava’s Lemonade Stand for the Cheetahs

Ava is age 6 and from North Carolina. Last year (2020), in kindergarten, her class learned a bit about different animals. Each student had to pick an animal to research and do a presentation about. Ava was intrigued by what she learned about cheetahs, and picked that animal for her project. Once Ava began researching cheetahs, she learned so many interesting facts about them, and they quickly became her favorite animal! Ava continued to learn more about cheetahs in her spare time and even made a video with her friend about the species and the dangers they face.

Ava created this cheetah inspired artwork for her class presentation. The artwork included a painting, a clay sculpture, a cover for a report she wrote called “All About Cheetahs,” and a sign for a future lemonade stand.

Ava's book - All About Cheetahs

Once Ava learned that cheetahs are endangered, and several facts about this dire situation, she became very passionate about helping the cheetahs! Ava came home from school and taught her parents everything she knows about cheetahs, and the specific dangers that they face from humans. Ava asked if she could set-up a lemonade stand to raise money to help the cheetahs.

The Lemonade Stand raised $40, which Ava sent to the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Ava hopes to raise even more money in the future to help save the cheetahs.

Ava has a message to people that kill cheetahs:

If you kill cheetahs, we are going to make more cheetahs be alive.

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