Cheetah Chit Chat

Sep 18, 2021

10:00 am

  • Location: Online
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Virtual campaign launch event

CCF UK invites you to join our virtual Cheetah Chit Chat event, where we will be talking about how we are #UnitingForCheetahs to tackle human-wildlife conflict.

We will be joined from Namibia by Calum O’Flaherty – CCF’s Livestock Guarding Dog Programme Manager – who will highlight how our holistic conservation programmes are helping to secure a future for cheetahs and all who share their landscape, including people. We will also share news of our upcoming events and the many ways you can support the campaign.

Calum O’Flaherty

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Cheetah Chit Chat 2021

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The expanding human population throughout the cheetah’s range is reducing the size of suitable habitat and causing their natural prey populations to plummet, leading cheetahs to attack livestock. Droughts caused by the changing climate are reducing the amount and health of the pasture that was once available for grazing, reducing the fitness of livestock and making them vulnerable to predation. Poverty places huge economic pressures on rural farmers, and losing even one animal can be financially devastating. Believing there is no other way to protect their livestock and livelihoods, farmers retaliate by trapping or killing cheetahs.

Break the Human-Wildlife Conflict Cycle

Without intervention, entire ecosystems will be disrupted by human-wildlife conflict, with potentially disastrous consequences for people and wildlife. By #UnitingForCheetahs, we can break the HWC cycle. Help us raise vital funds that will enable us to expand the reach and impact of our successful, holistic conservation programmes that teach local communities to live and thrive alongside predators.

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