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July’s wildlife photographer of the month – Jenny Zhao and Roger Zhu

  • by Hannah Mulvany July 24, 2023
July’s wildlife photographer of the month – Jenny Zhao and Roger Zhu

This month, we’re featuring the photography of Jenny Zhao & Roger Zhu – a husband and wife photographer team who started learning photography after their honeymoon in the Maasai Mara.

They love wildlife and decided to hone this craft and shoot locally in their hometown of New England and through their travels around the world. They hope that that their photos will help shine a light on the importance of conserving our planet. If you enjoy the photos below, you can find many more on their Instagram, here.

‘In a touching display of affection, a cheetah cub tenderly licks her mother’s face, a clear sign of the unbreakable bond between mother and cub. With her eyes closed in a moment of pure contentment, the mother cheetah seems to revel in the warmth and tenderness of her cub’s touch, their bond growing stronger with each passing moment.’

‘With a fierce glint in her eyes and a blood-stained face that speaks of her recent hunt, the female cheetah Risasi shows off her well-earned meal, a Thomson’s gazelle that she has just taken down. Her powerful jaws still covered in the crimson hue of her kill, this magnificent predator seems to revel in the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of a job well done.’

‘Against the rugged backdrop of an abandoned mine, a trio of cheetahs strike a perfect pose for the camera. The two juvenile cubs, exhausted from their playful antics, rest at their mother’s side, taking comfort in her watchful gaze as she scans the horizon for their next meal. It’s a rare and captivating moment, frozen in time, that captures the raw beauty and primal instincts of these majestic creatures in the heart of the Zimanga Private Game Reserve, South Africa.’

‘In a heartbreaking scene of desperation and defeat, one of the last Tano Bora brothers snarls furiously at two persistent hyenas who have stolen his hard-earned zebra kill. The once-proud cheetah, now weakened and vulnerable, has lost his meal to the relentless advances of these cunning predators. It’s a somber reminder of the harsh realities of life in the wild, where even the most skilled hunters can fall prey to the ruthless tactics of their rivals. Yet, in the face of such adversity, the last standing Tano Bora brothers remain a symbol of resilience and courage, embodying the unbreakable spirit of Africa’s cheetahs.’

‘In a blur of speed and agility, the majestic female cheetah Risasi, launches herself into action, hot on the trail of a nimble Thomson’s gazelle in the vast expanse of the Maasai Mara savannah. With muscles coiled tight and eyes locked on her prey, she hurtles through the grasslands like a bolt of lightning, her every movement a study in grace and precision. In a moment of triumph, she makes her move, taking down her quarry with a ferocious burst of energy. With deft and calculated movement, the female cheetah Risasi carefully hoists her hard-won prize, a Thomson’s gazelle, and carries it to a safer spot, away from the prying eyes of other predators who might seek to steal her meal. Her movements are slow and deliberate, a reflection of her confidence and assurance in her skills, a testament to the raw beauty and power of one of nature’s greatest hunters.’

‘With a sleepy-looking pose, a juvenile male cheetah awakens from his nap deep within an abandoned mine in Zimanga Private Game Reserve, South Africa. Surrounded by a striking brick red backdrop that echoes the rugged terrain, this young predator seems at ease in his subterranean lair, eyes gleaming with a quiet strength and determination.’

‘Against the moody backdrop of the Maasai Mara’s rainy season, the two lone Tano Bora brothers make their way somberly through the lush, rain-soaked grasslands. Their every step is measured and deliberate, a reflection of their quiet strength and resilience. As the gentle patter of raindrops fills the air, these magnificent creatures seem to take comfort in the soothing rhythms of the natural world around them.’

‘A male cheetah charges towards us with unabated ferocity as he makes his way toward the river, the raindrops of the African savannah creating a stunning backdrop. With every muscle tensed and coiled, this incredible predator hurtles through the rain-drenched landscape like a force of nature, his every movement a blur of motion and grace.’

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