Shots for Spots – A Nor Cal FUNdraiser to support CCF

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker November 2, 2015
Shots for Spots – A Nor Cal FUNdraiser to support CCF

During my travels in Northern California I was able to meet the Shots for Spots team when I was visiting Cupertino and was so impressed by the work of the volunteers there. When I met them they were in their final planning stage to organize a FUNdraiser to raise money to buy vaccinations and veterinary supplies for CCF in Namibia, while celebrating the fastest animal on the planet. They knew that CCF uses vaccines for both cheetahs and Livestock Guarding Dogs that protect farmers’ livestock from predators, and loved the idea to support that. Veterinary Dr. Munir Kureshi from the Cupertino Animal Hospital told me that it sometimes just takes a couple of people and one idea to start a new trend in the world of Northern California CCF volunteers. Celebrating for Cheetahs while raising money to help saving the fastest animal on the planet sounded like a great plan to the staff from Paul & Eddie’s bar and the Cupertino Animal Hospital team. They were able to put together an amazing event that raised $8.550.00 in one evening, and I heard it was a blast, too! I wish could have stayed for the fun.

While I was exploring Munir’s Veterinary clinic, he told me that it all began earlier this year during my spring tour. Dr. Kureshi, owner and veterinarian of Cupertino Animal Hospital, has had a lifelong passion for wildlife. He’s traveled the globe just to photograph animals in the wild, including jaguars, polar bears, gannets, grizzly bears and of course the cheetah. While attending a wildlife conservation fundraiser at Happy Hollow in San Jose in spring 2015, Dr. Kureshi and his wife Dipti talked to me about our work here in Namibia. Eager to support CCF’s mission to save the cheetah, Dr. Kureshi and Dipti started wondering what they could do to help the Cheetah Conservation Fund’s efforts. While helping to re-start the Nor Cal CCF Chapter in summer this year, they had their first brainstorming meeting with CCF staff Angie Mertens on how to support CCF locally. In their conversation, Ken Reynolds and Amy Schott came up. Both of them work in the fun local bar called Paul & Eddie’s Monta Vista Inn in Cupertino, just two houses away from the Cupertino Animal Hospital. Both are animal lovers themselves and created the idea to have a FUNdraising event at their bar to support CCF: live music, food, fun, a signature cheetah shot drink called “Black Gold” and lots of cheetah movies on the bar screens. I actually tried “Black Gold” (in the cheetah world we usually refer to the cheetah scat that we find as “Black Gold”) and it was delicious. Thanks to Ken, the brilliant name Shots for Spots was born already weeks before the actual event and people loved it!

In just 2 1/2 months the event was organized, advertised and they were selling tickets like hot cakes. BKK Thai-To-Go donated their cuisine for dinner and Veguvenation Conscious Catering donated the delicious dessert. Local band The Glow offered their services pro bono and even wore their spotted cheetah pants! Volunteers from the CCF and Cupertino Animal Hospital greeted more than 100 guests, sold merchandise and raffle tickets.

They even had an animal at the event! Argo the Anatolian Shepherd from my dear friend Donna Erickson made a visit to represent the livestock guarding dogs that CCF raise. I heard that the event went without a hitch as cheetah lovers danced the night away.

Paul & Eddie's team as well as the Cupertino Animal Hospital staff went above and beyond! A huge thank you to all who contributed to make this event happen and to everybody who showed up to celebrate for cheetahs!

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