Double Your Gift – Home Range for the Holidays 2023

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker November 15, 2023
Double Your Gift – Home Range for the Holidays 2023

As we embark on this year’s Home Range for the Holidays campaign, I am filled with gratitude for your unwavering support, which is the cornerstone of our organization. Together, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones in our mission to save the cheetah and their ecosystems.

To illustrate the impact of your donations, I wanted to share some of our most significant achievements from the past year.

Achievements that Define 2023


Welcoming Student Groups Back to Our Centre:
Students are again visiting CCF after the pandemic, thanks to the generous support internationally. Education helps to foster the next generation of conservation leaders in Africa.

Record Tourism Numbers:
Our visitation exceeded pre-pandemic levels as we welcomed a record number of tourists this year. Tourism not only supports our conservation initiatives financially but it also helps us to raise awareness with international and local visitors seeing our work firsthand.


Cheetah Rescue and Conservation Centre (CRCC) in Geed-Deeble:
This year marked a significant step forward. We completed the phase of the Cheetah Rescue and Conservation Centre, providing new habitats for 94 cheetahs, one caracal and one leopard, as well as building a veterinary clinic and housing for animal care staff.

Education and Outreach:
We extended our efforts to educate and engage with local communities in high human wildlife conflict and illegal wildlife trade areas. Beginning with conducting information gathering surveys, and adapting and translating our educational materials into Somali, our outreach efforts are helping foster coexistence between humans and cheetahs.

Challenges on the Horizon 2024

We have accomplished so much in stabilizing the population of cheetahs in southern Africa. But despite these efforts, the species is still declining across its range. By supporting the Home Range for the Holidays campaign, where your donation will be matched up to $400,000, you will help us to overcome any challenges the new year may bring.

In Namibia, we need to continue to meet the demand for our successful Livestock Guarding Dogs, as our farmer training program continues to grow. In Somaliland, our new Centre is making an enormous difference in our work to care for (currently 94) confiscated cheetahs. Their rehabilitation is a big task and due to many irreversible conditions, they cannot be released into the wild. This past month, we received our latest two tiny, orphaned cubs, so young their teeth are just coming in (see photo below). Our work to end the illegal cheetah pet trade continues, but we could use your help to accelerate our outreach and educational efforts in the region in 2024.

These two puppies will one day become diligent Livestock Guarding Dogs where they are needed the most, on rural Namibia farms experiencing problems with livestock predation. Double your gift today to help the Cheetah Conservation Fund deliver new guarding dogs to communities, safeguarding livestock and promoting coexistence with wildlife.
Two cubs confiscated from the illegal wildlife/pet trade in Somaliland. These are the newest residents at our Cheetah Rescue and Conservation Centre. Please double your gift to provide cheetahs like these a lifetime of care.

Your contribution will not only make twice the difference in sustaining our work, but will also help us to grow and expand the services we provide. We can continue to foster stability in southern Africa while we gain influence in other cheetah-range countries. Gifts made before December 31st will be doubled and help bring our vision to life to realize a world where cheetahs live and flourish in coexistence with people.

Thank you for being a vital part of our journey. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for cheetahs.

Double Your Donation to CCF

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