Namibian Music Artists Visit CCF and Make Music to Support the Cheetah

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker May 21, 2021
Namibian Music Artists Visit CCF and Make Music to Support the Cheetah

In October 2020, in collaboration with non-profit music producers Earthsong and Conservation Music, three Windhoek-based music artists visited CCF’s Research and Education Centre to learn more about the cheetah and to record footage for an awareness raising music video.

Staff were excited to meet some of Namibia’s most popular musical talents – Lioness, Suzy Eises, and Elemotho. It was amazing to see their talents at work as they wrote and composed their beautiful new song, Faster Than The Wind. Watch highlights from their visit and see how the song and video came together below.

The musicians are part of the ENDANGERED campaign, a project born from a desire to secure our planet’s biodiversity. Founded by Tom Eddington, a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and owner of the Untitled Editions art gallery in Taos, New Mexico. Tom is bringing together Visual Artists, Actors, Musicians, and producers from all over the world to create beautiful and impactful works to raise awareness and funds for endangered species.

During his visit to CCF, Elemotho said that he was moved to help because he had witnessed the big cats in their natural setting. He was distressed to learn the species could be facing extinction. It was very encouraging to hear that he wanted to use his voice and his words to help prevent the loss of the cheetah.

With fewer than 7,500 cheetahs remaining in the wild, we must use every tool available to spread the word — help save this feline icon of speed and grace! Our hope is that more musicians, artists, and actors can help us by using their talents to get the message out in an emotionally impactful way.

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