Des Animaux et des Hommes – “Animals and People”

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker April 5, 2022

CCF has been featured in Bioparc Doué la Fontaine’s first comic book, Des Animaux et des Hommes. The French zoo supports CCF’s efforts in Namibia and Somaliland. CCF’s chapter (see .pdf below) was illustrated by Joël Alessandra, a French artist and traveler with extensive experience working with African imagery. In total, seven artists collaborated on the comic together, visualizing the 18 conservation projects supported by the Bioparc. Bringing a visual travelog through the 18 different ways of saving endangered species by working with the people who live alongside them.

CCF is featured for our work to save the cheetah in the Horn of Africa. The book features the work of fellow conservationists, researchers, rangers, animal caretakers and private citizens. It is a beautiful work that recounts the ways in which we all work together to protect the animals that share our landscapes. Readers will be able to discover how CCF is working on the frontlines of conservation, in the field, to protect biodiversity; how ordinary women and men, everyday heroes, work tirelessly to save nature!

To save animals, you have to help people. One does not go without the other. – Pierre Gay

I first met Pierre Gay in 2004 when I was an invited speaker at a conference on African wildlife at the Bioparc. Pierre is the current President of Bioparc conservation, former director of the Bioparc, creator of the Nature Projects of the Bioparc, and author of Des Animaux et des Hommes. His goal in highlighting projects like the ones at CCF’s Centres is to bring conservation work to the zoo’s visitors. Providing a positive and inspiring reading experience to those who, like him, want to help animals and people.

The conservation projects in the comic book share a common theme beyond animals. All the frontline conservation projects featured in Des Animaux et des Hommes, actively engage the human communities that live alongside endangered or threatened species. CCF was a natural fit to be featured with the bulk of our conservation projects focused on helping the communities that live alongside the cheetah.

Helping people, helps cheetahs

Predators play a very important role in the ecosystem. Human-wildlife conflict, habitat loss and illegal wildlife trade are working against animals like the cheetah causing their endangerment and driving their population downward. There are fewer than 7,500 cheetahs remaining in the wild. CCF works directly in the livestock farming community to help support the people that live alongside predators. At our Centre in Namibia, we teach predator-friendly farming techniques, provide Livestock Guarding Dogs, and enhance livelihoods by helping to diversify farmer income streams with our Model Farm and Dancing Goat Creamery.

In Somaliland, where cheetahs are impacted by human-wildlife conflict and the illegal wildlife trade we are busily building a Cheetah Rescue and Conservation Centre. The new Centre will house the cheetahs that are confiscated from the trade and serve as a new education, research and training centre for Somalilanders. We are customizing our Future Farmers of Africa (FFA) and Future Conservationists of Africa (FCA) programs to be relevant to the rural pastoralists of Somaliland and Ethiopia.

Zoos like Bioparc of Doué la Fontaine are helping CCF by funding our programs and also raising awareness with projects like the Des Animaux et des Hommes comic book. To be featured in the project was an honor and we are very thankful for the opportunity to reach new audiences worldwide.

The book was published on March 25, 2022 by Petit a Petit Editions and is now available to purchase at Bioparc’s bookstore and online at https://www.petitapetit.fr/produit/des-animaux-et-des-hommes/

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Pierre Gay (Facebook @pierregayofficiel), Bioparc of Doué la Fontaine (Facebook @Bioparcdedoue, Instagram/Twitter @bioparcdedoue)


Simon Hureau (Instagram @simon_hureau), Joël Alessandra (Instagram @joalessandrabd), Géneviève Marot (Instagram @genevievemarot), Titwane (Instagram @titwane_tout_court), Olivier Martin (Instagram @olivier_martin_art) and A. Dan, with Cover art by Frank Pé (Instagram @frankpe1921)


Petit a Petit Editions (Facebook @petitapetit.editions, Instagram/Twitter @editionspetitapetit)

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