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Puppy Visits in Otjiwarongo, Okakarara and Grootfontein

  • by Anja Bradley November 27, 2012
Puppy Visits in Otjiwarongo, Okakarara and Grootfontein

The puppies that went to their new homes a couple of weeks ago were due their 12 week rabies vaccinations so a dog road trip was in order. The puppies had been placed in the Otjiwarongo, Okakarara and Grootfontein areas so I was able to do a circular trip over two days. I was also visiting four adult dogs for their annuals and boosters.

The trip started nice and early on Monday morning (5.30am) amid a crashing thunder and lightning storm. But the sun soon came out and the temperatures rose! It had rained overnight in certain areas and what a strange sight it was to see great puddles in the road.

I am happy to report that all of the puppies have settled in well at their farms and they are all working well with the young goats and lambs. They have also grown at a rapid rate. One of the females is very advanced for her age and is already going out for a couple of hours in the morning on a leash with the herder!

Apparently she loves being out in the bush and she’s already becoming an excellent guard dog.

They all received their rabies shot, some more calmly than others, and I gave them a spot-on formula (Advantage Multi) for fleas, ticks and internal worms and parasites. Thanks to some generous donations I was also able to leave de-worming medication for the puppies to ensure they are kept healthy during our hot, wet summer season.

The puppies will receive another visit when they reach six months to check on their progress and we’ll post another update then.

The donations that Anja is referring to is an example of our “Wish List” in action and see if there is something that you can donate to assist our team in Namibia.

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