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Lone Survivor Update: Herkül is Living Up to His Name

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker December 2, 2015
Lone Survivor Update: Herkül is Living Up to His Name

Back in early August, one of CCF’s Scat Detection Dogs, Isha, went into labor. But it was a complicated birth, and a C-section was performed. Out of Isha’s four puppies, only one survived, a tiny male. A few weeks later, we asked for your help naming this lone survivor, and the name chosen by popular vote was Hercules, or Herkül in the traditional Turkish spelling.

Well, that was almost four months ago and I am happy to report that little Hercules is living up to his name! No longer can he be described as little – Hercules now weighs in at 40 pounds and is growing up
to be a big, strong dog.

Because of the nature of his birth and being a lone survivor, Hercules will not become a working livestock guarding dog, but rather he will serve as an ambassador for the program. My assistant Tess Robitschko, is helping me raise him. Hercules is being groomed to be an ambassador (spokes) dog and our staff and visitors are greeted by him regularly. Tess takes numerous photos of Hercules, and posts them regularly (he is a bit of a ham around the camera). We are so glad that Hercules is growing into his new role so well.

When Hercules is a little bit older, he may travel with our community outreach team to rural farming communities, helping inform people about our Livestock Guarding Dog Program. But will be introduced to people at our CCF Education Centre regularly.

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