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Lady’s Pregnancy – Almost There!

  • by Paige Seitz April 22, 2016
Lady’s Pregnancy – Almost There!

At 45 days in to a dog’s pregnancy the bones of the puppies begin to calcify, meaning you can see the puppies on an X-ray. Below you can see some X-rays that were taken of our pregnant Anatolian, Lady, to allow us to get an estimate of how many puppies she will have. We believe we could see 7-8 puppies on the X-ray. However, this is never an exact number, but it allows us to be more prepared and make sure no issues occur during her pregnancy.

If you look really hard in the center of the X-ray you can see the skull of one of the puppies. On the bottom right corner you can see the ribs and spines of a puppy.
Along the top of the photo and the bottom right corner you can see the ribs and spine of some puppies

Lady will have her first litter in the next couple of days. At 9 weeks old these puppies will then be placed with Namibian farmers to begin their training in guarding the farmer’s livestock against predation. Research shows that these dogs have helped farmers see an 80-100% reduction in their livestock losses which is beneficial to the farmer’s livelihood and to the predator population. Everyone at CCF is super excited for more puppies so we can help more farmers as there is quite the demand for these guarding dogs!

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