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Eulogy for Nusi – A CCF Livestock Guarding Dog

  • by Stella Emvula February 11, 2020
Eulogy for Nusi – A CCF Livestock Guarding Dog

On the 2nd January 2020, we lost one of our cherished off-site Livestock Guarding Dogs, Nusi to a snakebite after having returned from the field.

Nusi was born at CCF and given in-tact to one of our trusted farmers – Retha Joubert. Retha had already had a Livestock Guarding Dog named Bonzo that was near retirement, and in need of another young LGD. As part of the LGD placement protocol we usually spay dogs before placing them to inhibit the unmonitored breeding of our dogs on other farms. However, Retha has become a very trusted farmer who has shown great support for the program and thus received an intact female to allow us to have more space in our kraal during times when she wasn’t here. As part of our breeding program, Nusi produced 19 puppies, all which went on to become Livestock Guarding Dogs in Namibia – one was given to Retha, to protect her herd of sheep and goats whenever Nusi had come to CCF to have her litter. We always looked forward to having her on site, she had a very lovely temperament and was an excellent guarding dog.

Nusi's puppies
Nusi and Retha

The impact of having Livestock Guarding Dogs on our farm is huge. When I started off about 10 years ago, I was losing more than 30 animals a year! Since then, I have only lost around two or three from theft, when the dogs are not around. Their presence and intimidating bark are plenty to deter predators. They have rarely come into contact with cheetah although we know they are around the area. My dogs absolutely prove their worth.

– Retha Joubert

Thank you, Nusi, for helping so many farmers across Namibia, and for being a great representative for Livestock Guarding Dog Programme. We will always remember you. Rest in peace.

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