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Dog Update – Lady and Bolt

  • by Paige Seitz June 1, 2018
Dog Update – Lady and Bolt

Our newest breeding male in the Livestock Guarding Dog is turning two this June! Bolt, who was named by CCF supporters during the 2016 Summer Olympics, has already fathered 44 puppies (24M, 20F). Bolt came to CCF at 11 weeks old, from Taylor Farms in Texas, USA. His mother and father are both originally from Turkey, meaning our LGD program is benefiting from new bloodlines.

Bolt’s first litter was born on 2 July 2017. Lady, the mother of the pups, came to CCF in 2011 from a farm in South Africa. She was the first female to be bred with Bolt and it’s been exciting for us to see how the puppies have grown into their roles as LGDs. Three of the puppies were part of the Tusk Trust Grant Opuwo project which helped with the placement of puppies in the Opuwo district in North West Namibia. Overall, all of the litter is working well on their farms and the farmers are satisfied with the progress of the puppies. Below is an update on some of the puppies.


  • Placed on a communal farm in the West of Namibia
  • Dog is in excellent condition at 6 months of age
  • Works with a herder (someone who escorts the livestock for grazing) and two mongrels
  • Barks when strangers approach the livestock
  • Well cared for by worker
  • Farmer experiences no losses since the dog


  • Placed on a commercial farm in the South of Namibia
  • Works in a camp (large fenced area where livestock graze) with goats
  • Appears to be part of the stock
  • Works well and farmer is satisfied


  • Placed on a commercial farm in the South of Namibia
  • Farmer received dog as current Anatolian is getting old and will soon retire
  • Older Anatolian and Goatie work together without a herder

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