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The Cheetah Lady

  • by CCF Staff October 2, 2017
The Cheetah Lady

The Cheetah Lady, Dr. Laurie Marker is a collaboration between Aruna Gauba, a young CCF supporter, and Dr. Laurie Marker. Aruna was introduced to Dr. Marker when she read about her work in Chasing Cheetahs. She met Dr. Marker for the first time at the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) Expo and became excited to get involved in fundraising for the cheetah.

The Cheetah Lady is the story of how Dr. Marker became a conservationist. The book includes many photos of Dr. Marker from childhood through the present and a timeline of milestone events in her life. The introduction is by Dr. Bruce Brewer, CCF’s General Manager. The Cheetah Lady will be released at this year’s WCN Expo in San Francisco and will be available exclusively at CCF events. Profits will be donated to CCF.

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