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Cherrydale Primary and the Earth Day 2015 Cheetah Walk

  • by CCF Staff May 12, 2015
Cherrydale Primary and the Earth Day 2015 Cheetah Walk

The Cherrydale Cheetahs (the cheetah is their school mascot) and PeaceBuilders, are committed to “Helping Others” every year for Earth Day. Their long running tradition is to help the Cheetah Conservation Fund and its mission.

For Earth Day 2015 staff, students and families at Cherrydale Primary School in Steilacoom, Washington participated in a traditional “Cheetah Walk” around the school’s nature trail. Kids wore cheetah masks, Cherrydale Cheetah t-shirts while Chaz the Cheetah cheered kids on. They even had some cheetah cheerleaders! One of the third grade classes grew tomato plants and sold them during the cheetah walk to add to the fundraising efforts.


The students collected donations from the community which totaled $1,364! Cherrydale proudly sponsors a CCF resident cheetah named “Ron”.

The students celebrated their hard work with a morning assembly “Chicken Dance” and watched their principal Ms. McClure, kiss one of Mrs. Evan’s backyard chickens. She agreed to kiss a chicken if the students raised more than $500.

Great Work Cherrydale Cheetah Friends!

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