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Cherrydale Cheetahs Annual Cheetah Walk

  • by Lilah Schaeffer July 31, 2017
Cherrydale Cheetahs Annual Cheetah Walk

The Cherrydale Cheetahs (the cheetah is their school mascot) and PeaceBuilders, take on fundraising initiatives to benefit the environment every year for Earth Day. Their long running tradition of helping the Cheetah Conservation Fund continued this year with a 45 minute “Cheetah Walk” around the nature trail.

For Earth Day 2017 staff, students and families at Cherrydale Primary School in Steilacoom, Washington walked the nature trail donning cheetah masks and Cherrydale Cheetah t-shirts. One of the third-grade classes grew tomato plants and sold them during the cheetah walk to add to the fundraising efforts.

This year CCF board member, Eric Berman, joined the Earth Day festivities: “It’s wonderful to see children learning at a young age that they can make a positive difference in the world. The kids clearly are enamored with cheetahs (they quite literally wear their passion on their faces!), and the walk is an opportunity for them, as young children, to make a tangible difference to help ensure the cheetah’s survival.” He has visited the CCF in Namibia and students were thrilled to hear that he saw Ron, the CCF cheetah sponsored by Cherrydale.

The students collected donations from the community totaling a record breaking $1,431.38!

This annual Earth Day tradition provides the Children of Cherrydale with an educational and fun activity that also helps cultivate them into “PeaceBuilders” in our world.

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