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Bucks for B2

  • by  April 8, 2016
Bucks for B2

Kids love cheetahs! CCF works with kids around the world who are interested in learning more about the species and who want to help fundraise to support our work. The message below is from the Students at Cernusco sul Naviglio Middle School, D section.

Ciao! We are a group of Italian kids living in Cernusco, a little city near Milano. We were told about CCF and its projects by our teachers who supported us in our task. To help the CCF, our class, has contributed to protecting the cheetahs by adopting a cheetah named B2. The CCF, to thank us, sent us a stuffed, purring cheetah toy. Furthermore, our class has deeply studied of the projects and activities of everyday life of the CCF. We believe that this project is important and essential for Namibia and the survival of cheetahs. We would like to thank our wonderful teachers for giving us this opportunity to make a difference and we hope that you too can support this initiative !!!

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