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Specialty Support for CCF’s FFA Focused Animal Health Trainings in Somaliland

  • by Abdirizak Warsame April 23, 2024
Specialty Support for CCF’s FFA Focused Animal Health Trainings in Somaliland

In the pastoral heartlands of Somaliland’s Awdal Region, animal health is pivotal to the livelihoods of local communities. Recognizing the critical need for sustainable livestock management practices, Dr. Zuhur Mohamoud Abdullahi, a seasoned veterinarian from the Ministry of Livestock and Rural Development, agreed to help Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) to advance local knowledge and skills.

In March 2024, Dr. Zuhur joined forces with CCF as an Future Farmers of Africa (FFA) trainer/educator under the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)-funded Legal Intelligence/Cheetah Illicit Trade (LICIT) second phase project. Her expertise in veterinary science greatly enhanced the scope and impact of the FFA trainings conducted in the region.

Dr. Zuhur’s sessions covered a wide range of essential topics crucial for improving the health and management of livestock:

  • Livestock Health Basics: From trimming hooves to identifying signs of illness and effectively isolating sick animals.
  • Daily Care and Monitoring: Emphasizing the importance of daily herd checks and specialized care during key life stages such as birthing.
  • Grazing and Housing: Practical advice on grazing during safer daylight hours and the benefits of kraaling animals at night to protect them from predators and environmental hazards.
  • Kraal Design: Innovative strategies for kraal structuring to enhance the safety and health of livestock, especially those that are birthing.
  • Guarding and Protection: Utilizing livestock guarding animals like donkeys and dogs to enhance herd safety.
  • Nutrition and Medicine: Guidance on optimal animal feed, supplements, and the correct use of veterinary medicines.

The training sessions led by Dr. Zuhur have equipped pastoralists, livestock herders, and community members with invaluable skills that translate into improved livestock management and enhanced economic sustainability. Her help with CCF’s educational outreach focuses on supporting individual livelihoods while helping CCF’s broader conservation efforts by promoting coexistence between wildlife and agricultural communities.

The LICIT project is made possible by a grant from the UK Government through its Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund. CCF’s partners in LICIT are: International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Legal Atlas (LA) and Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA).

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