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Safeguarding Biodiversity with an Updated Conservation Bill

  • by Abdirizak Warsame January 20, 2024
Safeguarding Biodiversity with an Updated Conservation Bill

As an integral part of Somaliland’s commitment to preserving its rich biodiversity, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) has undertaken a significant task: the revision of the Somaliland Forest and Wildlife Conservation Act. This initiative, supported by key partners including CCF, WHH, and Legal Atlas, and generously funded by the EU and DEFRA UK Government, marks a pivotal step in aligning our national laws with international standards.

The original Act, endorsed by the Somaliland parliament in 2014, served its purpose well. However, the evolving needs of our forests and wildlife, coupled with the dynamic nature of environmental conservation, necessitated an upgrade. The revised Act, completed in 2023, is a testament to the collaborative effort of various ministries and agencies, including Interior, Defense, Judiciary, Police, Military, Coastal Guard, Immigration Force, General Attorney’s Office, and Hargeisa Regional Court.

The new Act is not just a legal document; it embodies professionalism, collaboration, and leadership. It aims to enhance the effectiveness and fairness of our conservation efforts. With core principles that guide and a strong emphasis on adherence, the Act serves as both a national Bill and a good practice guideline. It empowers our judiciary and environmental workforce to operate more effectively and professionally.

The consultation process involved numerous stakeholders and went through several phases, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach. A detailed report on this development process has been prepared separately.

We now look forward to the submission of this Bill to parliament for debate and endorsement by the end of this year. This Act is more than a legal framework; it’s a commitment to our country’s natural heritage, a pledge to protect our forests and wildlife, and a promise to future generations.

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