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Ezequiel Fabiano and Camera Traps

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker December 1, 2014
Ezequiel Fabiano and Camera Traps

Ezequiel Fabiano, PhD, is CCF’s quantitative ecologist. In addition to conducting data analysis and assisting with ecological research projects, we’ve added a new opportunity. Fabiano is taking the lead in a new carnivore survey in Angola.

Originally from Angola, Fabiano and CCF will be working with the Angola government and partnering with Panthera to census several of the parks to learn more about the presence of carnivores. The first will be in Iona National Park in southwest Angola, where we discovered cheetahs a few years ago. Congrats Fabiano on this exciting opportunity!

Fabiano recently presented the results of a 10-year study on the use of remote camera traps to understand the population dynamics of cheetahs and other large carnivores at a well-attended public talk hosted by the Namibian Scientific Society in November.

A second camera trap survey was conducted on a farm south of CCF and the Waterberg as a part of Chavoux Luyt’s PhD. Matti Nghikembua, senior ecologist and education officer for CCF, is planning a new camera trap survey to start in 2015 northeast of CCF at the neighbouring B2 gold mine farm reserve.

CCF is currently working on GIS mapping of their cheetah home range data and classifying habitat types.

Game camera image of two cheetah cubs taken in CCF's population and distribution research areas.

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