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Cheetahs, Camera Traps, & Communities Pt. 5

  • by Dr. Louisa Richmond-Coggan May 12, 2016
Cheetahs, Camera Traps, & Communities Pt. 5

Community workshops
On the 1st and 2nd March 2016 we held four consultative meetings with the communal conservancy chairperson, committees, traditional authorities and representative from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. This was an introductory meeting to let the community know about our carnivore landscape project, what was involved; who we would be talking to and the information we are looking for. This has now led us onto the next stage of regional meeting. This May we are undertaking nine community regional meetings across the four communal conservancies. This is an opportunity for farmers to tell us if they are suffering from HWC (human-wildlife conflict), if so which carnivores are involved, how often this is happening so we can start our conflict mapping and targeting our integrated livestock and wildlife management workshops to those areas.

The meeting dates are:

  1. Okamatapati:
    • Okatuhoro – Wednesday 11th May
    • Otjondorozu – Thursday 12th May
  2. Otjituuo:
    • Okaheke – Wednesday 18th May
    • Otjikangotjozongarangombe – Thursday 19th May
    • Otjitaazu – Friday 20th May
  3. African Wild Dog:
    • Omazera – Tuesday 24th May
    • Ohorongombarannga – Wednesday 25th May
  4. Ozonahi:
    • Okahitua – Tuesday 31st May
    • Otumborombonga – Wednesday 01st June

Camera trapping
All but four camera traps have now been taken down from survey area 2 so again we will be able to see what we have captured across the 160km². So far we have counted 344,000 images so it might takes us a few days to look through them all to pick out our best to share with you, but don’t worry we will!

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