Goodbye to Spots
A Dedicated Guarding Dog and A Dear Friend


CCF News

We are very sorry to have to bring you the sad news that a CCF working LGD has passed away.

Eulogy for Spots by Paige Seitz, CCF’s Livestock Guarding Dog Programme Manager
On September 30 2018, we had to say goodbye to one of our beloved livestock guarding dogs, Spots. Spots was the star of CCF, modeling for photos, taking part in films, and working extremely hard to protect his herd of goats and sheep.

This morning he had to run at top speed to get to his herd and follow them for the day, but unfortunately we believe his heart gave out by the time he reached them. Spots was becoming an old man at the age of 10 and began showing his age, but he still loved working more than anything in the world. Every Sunday he was super excited to go out with his herd and while we are incredibly sad that he has passed away, it is some consolation that he died doing what he loved best.

Thank you Spots for giving CCF so many years of your life and being the best working dog ever and the gentlest soul we know! We will miss you, but will always remember the star of our program. Rest in peace our strong guardian.

October is Adopt a Dog month. Please support CCF’s Livestock Guarding Dog (LGD) program in honor of Spots. Make an impact on our work to save the cheetah in the wild by sponsoring an LGD today.