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Cheetahs belong in the wild. With the generous support of people like you, Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) administers highly-effective conservation and education programs that strengthen wild cheetah populations and develop the communities that live alongside them. To continue our mission to save this beautiful big cat, we need your help today.

Please donate to CCF during Chewbaaka’s Wild Cheetah Challenge. Every contribution between now and August 31st, 2018 will automatically double in size up to $225,000! Thanks to a group of loyal Challengers who are providing the matching funds, your gift today will make it possible for CCF to advance research projects and continue the critical programs that save cheetah lives.

Double Your Donation

Chewbaaka was CCF’s longtime cheetah ambassador and one of the most famous animal ambassadors to ever live. Because of what we learned from Chewbaaka, CCF understands how to conserve cheetahs while helping people thrive. His legacy is to remind us of our mission and how imperative it is we act quickly. Cheetahs now exist in populations so small there is a great risk they may become extinct within our lifetimes. It falls upon the shoulders of our generation to fight as hard as we can to save them. We owe it to Chewbaaka.

Thanks to your support, CCF has become the longest-running and most successful conservation project dedicated to cheetah survival. We are known for a holistic approach that balances the needs of people, animals and land and for our signature programs. Future Conservationists of Africa (FCA) is our wildlife education initiative that has touched the lives of more than 500,000 Namibian young learners. Future Farmers of Africa (FFA), in tandem with our Livestock Guarding Dog (LGD) program, provides more than 8,000 rural farmers with information and tools that help them earn better livings for their families. Our habitat restoration project produces Bushblok, a clean burning fuel log that provides home heat and cooking fuel while at the same time restores thousands of acres for cheetahs and farmers to share.

We are also known for our scientific research. Data generated from our studies forms the basis of CCF programs. Included in a broad range of subject matter, CCF scientists investigate movement of cheetah. This helps us determine home ranges, habitat preference, territoriality and behaviors critical to survival. Using this data, we develop and test relocation, reintroduction and non-invasive monitoring methodologies, all of which are relevant to our long-term study in the rewilding of cheetahs.

Rewilding is a conservation strategy aimed at restoring or protecting wild areas by ensuring keystone species and apex predators are present in healthy numbers. The goal is to create ecosystems requiring little to no human management, since biodiversity is nature’s way of self-regulation. In the decade that CCF has been exploring this strategy, we have successfully placed more than 40 cheetahs back into the landscape after progressing through CCF’s game camps. Many of these cats came to CCF as the result of an unfortunate circumstance. In most cases, they were orphaned. But they maintained their wildness despite being in our care, which made them good candidates for rewilding.

You may recall the stories of some of these cheetahs, including Jacomina, her cubs Savanna and Shandy, Zinzi and the Leopard Boys – Omdillo, Anakin, Chester and Obi Wan. All were able to live independently in the wild, and in the case of several females, reproduce in the wild – the greatest hallmark of success. These findings indicate it is possible to rebuild healthy cheetah populations in range countries where they have dwindled or disappeared, giving us hope.

Double Your Donation

Because of CCF, Namibia now has greatest number of wild cheetah and Otjiwarongo, the town where CCF is based, has become known as “The Cheetah Capital of the World.” These achievements are only possible because of you. Please donate during Chewbaaka’s Wild Cheetah Challenge, so we can continue CCF’s programs and research projects, which create the species best chances for survival

In memory of our most beloved cheetah ambassador, Chewbaaka.

Dr. Laurie Marker
Founder & Executive Director

2018 Chewbaaka Challengers

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The Capital Group
Freund Family Fund
Hedinger Family Foundation – American Industries
Polly Horton Hix Foundation
Overall Family Foundation
Bruce G. Geary Foundation
Charles & Sherry Atterbury
Pam Braden | Brookes H. Browne
Sally F. Davidson | Jason & Jodee Ferree
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Nina R. Gibson | Steve & Florence Goldby
Richard & Darcy Kopcho
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Katherine O. & James Snowden
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