Illegal Pet Trade

Continuation Assigned Task is National Obligation

  • by Abdirizak Warsame June 12, 2024
Continuation Assigned Task is National Obligation

The Somaliland Environmental Crime Unit (SECU) strengthens coordination and cooperation among Somaliland government agencies to enable a more effective national response to wildlife trafficking and environmental crime. UNIT participation is open to any Somaliland government entity with an interest in taking an active role in enforcing Somaliland’s wildlife laws and protecting its wildlife resources and environment.

CCF helps to provide capacity building to the SECU, receiving trainings, experience and knowledge sharing about entire responsibilities of illegal crimes of wild life and related regulations and procedures.

We provided vests and cell phones to more than twelve institution members for law enforcement and strengthening their capacity at different levels. This makes it possible for SECU to be more self sustaining and better able to do it is work in an efficient and effective way. We want to help make it possible to support those who are committed to the struggle against illegal trade and trafficking wildlife especially the cheetah.

The importance of collaboration and cooperation among the law enforcement institutions cannot be understated. Especially when they come from a grass roots level where individual entities joined together. Participants are hoping to build one main institution that fights illegal trade and trafficking of wildlife in Somaliland.

SECU is tracking progress against its goals and objectives as mandated by their charter. Members will participate in international conferences, tours and visits for further development of knowledge sharing channels with neighboring countries. Over time SECU will build experience and expand comprehension of the conservancy and wildlife related aspects.

After many months of training, mentoring and the provision of equipment and accessories to SECU members, we are seeing real tangible progress. Read more from an earlier blog here. Building the capacity of individuals from different institutions will bring together SECU’s efforts to become one entity with the ability to responsibly undertake the enforcement of laws and regulation.

Implementing a holistic, integrated, multi-agency government approach against wildlife trafficking is the ultimate goal of SECU. We will continue to support improvements like this as the conservancy movement continues in the country. Caring for wildlife in Somaliland and taking personal responsibility for conservation will help end the illegal pet trade and help save the cheetah.

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