The race is on to save the cheetah. With your help, we can win it.

Your contribution to Cheetah Conservation Fund will support our programming, which is based on scientific research and has been working to stabilize cheetah populations in Namibia. With your help, we can take the success we’ve achieved in Namibia, and share it around the world.

CCF’s Livestock Guarding Dog program and Future Farmers of Africa work to alleviate human-wildlife conflict, the greatest threat to the wild cheetah. Our award-winning Bushblok program has restored hundreds of acres of habitat and stands poised to expand and address habitat loss even more effectively.

Most importantly, your donation helps change the face of Africa not just for wildlife, but for its people. Saving the cheetah can save people, by supporting the human communities that live alongside the cheetah.

CCF’s track record for effectiveness is part of what has made us the world’s leading non-profit dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild.

Our transparency and solid management structures have made us one of a small percentage of non-profits that has obtained a four-star rating from Charity Navigator for two years in a row.

Your donation to CCF makes you part of our team, as we race to save the cheetah from extinction. We not only appreciate your contribution, but we want to keep you updated on how your gift is working to win the race against extinction. Join us today!

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