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Some of the publications listed below are available online for information and research purposes. Please note: On this site authors are listed in alphabetical order by first name or first initial. Please see the actual research paper for listing of author by contribution. We are working to rectify this and apologize for any confusion. We ask that you observe copyright information. Please visit our What We Do section for more information on CCF's programs.


Soil microbial communities following bush removal in a Namibian savanna

Abstract Savanna ecosystems are subject to desertification and bush encroachment, which reduce the carrying capacity for wildlife … Read more »

Genomic legacy of the African cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus

Abstract Background Patterns of genetic and genomic variance are informative in inferring population history for human, model … Read more »

Human–Wildlife Conflict 10 Years Later: Lessons Learned and Their Application to Cheetah Conservation

Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) conservation is interconnected to social, economic, and environmental factors. Since the 2003 World Parks Congress, cheetah conservation practitioners have been applying human -wildlife conflict resolution strategies throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Future Farmers of Africa training has taught farm management skills to over 3,000 rural Namibian farmers and is being used in other range countries.

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A collection of 2-page color information sheets on the cheetah and different aspects of the work of the CCF in the areas of conservation, scientific research and education. These are large files suitable for printing and are ideal for educational purposes, to be used as handouts and information sheets by chapters, local groups, and anyone interested in supporting our work on behalf of the wild cheetah.


Research Clinic

Fact Sheet about our research program

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Frequent Questions

Fact sheet containing FAQ’s

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Dr. Laurie Marker

Dr. Laurie Marker’s Bio

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Lectures & Presentations

Recorded talks by CCF around the world and throughout the United States. Audiences range from elementary school students to University Professors, from zoo attenders to international planning committees.


What if We Lost the Cheetah — TEDx Portland

Dr. Laurie Marker as a featured speaker at Tedx Portland April, 2013

The Cheetah: A Race for Survival

Dr. Laurie Marker lectures at the Library of Congress

2010 Tyler Prize Laureate Lecture Pt. 1

Dr. Laurie Marker, Tyler Prize winner, lectures at USC Davidson

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Cheetah Strides 11

In this Issue: Pathways Kenya | Cheetah Collaring | Seeing Spots | Essay Contest

Cheetah Strides No. 10

In this issue: Trap and Release | New Puppy | Jewelry | Fall Tour | Second Half … Read more »

Cheetah Strides No. 9

Inside this issue: 25th Anniversary | KhayJay & Smartman – Cheetah Surgeries | Re-Wilding Zinzi | Spring … Read more »

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Winter 2015 – Notes from the Field

CLICK the link below to go to a specific section In this Issue: Photo Favorite | Truck … Read more »


Summer 2015 – Notes from the Field

CLICK the link below to go to a specific section In this Issue: Photo Favorite | Puppies … Read more »


Winter 2014 – Notes from the Field

CLICK the link below to go to a specific section In this Issue: Photo Favorite | Livestock … Read more »

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