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Working on a cheetah project at school?

If you are a student, or the parent or teacher of a student doing a project on cheetahs, please take the time to look for the information you need on our web site. Just about everything there is to know about the cheetah is found here, so please study our site carefully and thoroughly for your research. An excellent place to start is the section About the Cheetah.

If for any reason you cannot find the information you need, please feel free to e-mail us with questions you might have. We will do our best to help you.

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Want to throw a CCF birthday party?

If you are interested in having a personal page to raise money for your special day, please set up a fundraiser on our Kids for Cheetahs FirstGiving page.

Kids for Cheetahs on FirstGiving

Alternatively, you can advise all guests to make a note of your name and the event on any mail in or email donations, and we will ensure the donation is noted as part of your event.

Kids at Work

We also receive many requests asking how young people (of all ages!) can help us save the wild cheetah. You CAN help CCF by writing articles and giving talks, educating the public at large about the plight of the wild cheetah, its ‘run for survival.’ In addition, with support and guidance from parents and guardians, students can raise funds for CCF, as Brittany, Kylie and other young people around the world have done, or perhaps organize a special ‘cheetah’ event at your school or local community organization. Look below for some of the creative ways in which Kids4Cheetahs are helping. Students can also support us by ‘adopting a cheetah’ or making a donation to support our research.

Kids for Cheetahs Stories

Bucks for B2

ItalyB2Support_KidsforCheetahsCiao from the Students at Cernusco sul Naviglio Middle School, D section!

We are a group of Italian kids living in Cernusco, a little city near Milano. We were told about CCF end its projects by our teachers who supported us in our task. To help the CCF, our class, has contributed to protecting the cheetahs by adopting a cheetah named B2. The CCF, to thank us, sent us a stuffed, purring cheetah toy. Furthermore, our class has deeply studied of the projects and activities of everyday life of the CCF. We believe that this project is important and essential for Namibia and the survival of cheetahs. We would like to thank our wonderful teachers for giving us this opportunity to make a difference and we hope that you too can support this initiative !!!

We at CCF would like to say THANKS to you too!

Paloma’s Presentation and Handmade Cards

palomaPaloma Russ is 8 yrs old and lives in California with her mom, dad, brother, 4 chickens and cat, Nala. Paloma has been passionate and concerned about cheetahs since she was 3 and she has been very active in promoting CCF and its mission to save the cheetahs. In the past year she proudly earned a gold star for her “Help Save Cheetahs” presentation in the 4-H program. She was also awarded a gold ribbon for her cheetah conservation scrap book in the Marin County Fair. One of Paloma’s favorite pastimes is drawing cheetahs and this year she drew a fantastic cheetah holiday card to sell and raise money to support cheetahs. Go Paloma go! What will she do next?

Hank’s Cheetah Cafe’

Hank's-Cheetah-Cafe'Hank and his dad Mike from California successfully held their second Cheetah Café on October 10. They raised $590.91 from coffee drinks, homemade baked goods, and Hank’s original artwork. Guest barista, Todd Elliott (pictured with Hank to the right) of Tony’s Coffee, served up hot beverages made with beans donated by Tony’s Coffee.
Cheetah Café was an idea Hank and his dad Mike came up with together, combining Hank’s love of cheetahs with Mike’s small dream of hauling his espresso machine into the driveway to make coffee for passersby. It was a great way for Hank to learn about non-profits and how they can support them, and Hank—a real numbers guy at heart—loved laying out the menu and prices, manning the cash register and making change for customers. He decorated the coffee counter with his large menagerie of plush cheetahs, and made posters with info about cheetahs and the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Thanks Hank!

Cherrydale Primary and the Earth Day 2015 Cheetah Walk

Kids-and-the-cheetah-wall300x200The Cherrydale Cheetahs (the cheetah is their school mascot) and PeaceBuilders, are committed to “Helping Others” every year for Earth Day. Their long running tradition is to help the Cheetah Conservation Fund and its mission.
For Earth Day 2015 staff, students and families at Cherrydale Primary School in Steilacoom, Washington participated in a traditional “Cheetah Walk” around the school’s nature trail. Kids wore cheetah masks, Cherrydale Cheetah t-shirts while Chaz the Cheetah cheered kids on. They even had some cheetah cheerleaders! One of the third grade classes grew tomato plants and sold them during the cheetah walk to add to the fundraising efforts.



The students collected donations from the community which totaled $1,364! Cherrydale proudly sponsors a CCF resident cheetah named “Ron”.

The students celebrated their hard work with a morning assembly “Chicken Dance” and watched their principal Ms. McClure, kiss one of Mrs. Evan’s backyard chickens. She agreed to kiss a chicken if the students raised more than $500.

Great Work Cherrydale Cheetah Friends!

Mini Marker

PaigeandDLMWhat is it like to be Dr. Laurie Marker for a day and then what is it like to actually meet the REAL Laurie Marker within the same week?

Paige from California found out. We were sent a video of a mini Dr. Marker being interviewed by Socrates… yes Socrates. Paige studied up on her Laurie Marker facts and learned all about cheetahs so she could get into character. She even brought her own trained cheetah for the interview! Then within the same week she met the real Dr. Marker at an event at The Living Desert.

Cheetah Enthusiast and Web Developer

Sara-Nilsson_for-websiteSara, from Denmark, has been busy helping spread the word about CCF. This tech savvy cheetah friend is making a real difference online.
9 year old Sara has for more than two years been reading everything she can find regarding cheetahs, seen countless documentaries and has held lectures in her school. In 2014 she was a cheetah zoo keeper for a day in Ree Park Safari (the only Zoo in Denmark, which has cheetahs ). It was a huge experience for Sara to meet cheetahs so closely!

Sara’s big dream is to see the cheetahs in the wild, so she tries to persuade her parents to take her on an African safari! When she grows up, Sara wants to be a zookeeper or a veterinarian and move to Africa so she can help protect cheetahs in their natural habitat ….

Sara has created the website – – where she tells everything she knows about cheetahs and collects money for them. In the first 2 months of the website Sara raised 200$ to CCF and she’s now raising even more money for the save the cheetahs projects …

About Sara in Danish:
9-årige Sara har i mere end 2 år læst alt hvad hun har kunnet komme i nærheden af om geparder, set utallige film og bla. holdt foredrag for sin klasse. I 2014 var hun gepard-dyrepasser for en dag i Ree Park Safari (den eneste Zoo i Danmark, der har geparder). Det var en kæmpe oplevelse for Sara at møde gepardene på så tæt hold!
Saras store drøm er at se geparderne i den vilde natur, så hun prøver at overtale sine forældre til at tage på en afrika-safari! Når hun bliver voksen vil Sara gerne være dyrepasser/dyrelæge og flytte til Afrika, så hun kan arbejde med at bevare geparderne i deres naturlige omgivelser….

Sara har lavet en hjemmeside – – hvor hun fortæller alt hvad hun ved om geparder og samler penge ind til geparderne. På hjemmesidens første 2 måneders har Sara indsamlet 1400kr til CCF og er nu ved at samle endnu flere penge sammen…

Night of the Notables Project

Claire's200x300projectClaire made a presentation about Laurie and CCF to her fifth grade classmates (Chautauqua Elementary School, Vashon Island, WA) and their parents.
Claire says “I chose Laurie because she lives so close to Cheetahs. I have always loved Cheetahs, and when I found out that there was someone who had devoted the greater part of her life to them, it immediately intrigued me.” Part of the presentation was to include a notable quote. Claire chose this from one of Laurie’s first encounters with Cheetahs, “They hissed and spit at me – it was great!”.

See if you can solve Claire’s notable Bioriddle:
I started Cheetah Conservation Fund and although I’m known for Cheetahs I really help farmers. By saving their goats and giving them hope! Who am I?

psst… Claire… We know the answer!

Cheetah cake sale in New Zealand

cupcakesale300x200Lily and her friends from New Zealand raised money to sponsor Amani by selling cakes and sweets at school. Read Lily’s words:

I have always been interested in animals and last year at school we were learning to write reports and our teacher gave us different animals to write about. That was when I first started to find out about endangered animals. The cheetah was always my favourite.
Then a few weeks ago my friend Eva was talking about tigers becoming endangered and how she wanted to help them. I remembered the work I had done last year and decided I was going to try and help.
At home I started using the computer to research cheetahs and found your website, when I saw Amani and how she had only one eye I knew she was the one I wanted to sponsor. I love that her name means Peace.
At school I asked my friends if they wanted to help me and then we started looking at things we could do to raise money. I told them all to check out Amani on your website and they all wanted to help. We decided we would do a cake sale with our mums’ help.
We first had to ask our Deputy Principal Mr Chalmers if it was ok and he told us to write a letter telling him why we wanted to help. We did this and he said we could have the cake sale.
We made posters to put up at school, sent a letter home to tell people when it was and talked about it on our school radio station (which you can listen to online!)
On Thursday 5th June we had our senior school cake sale. The cakes, lolly necklaces and fudge sold out in minutes and we managed to raise $165!!!!!

They are hoping to hold a middle school cake sale and a junior school cake sale next term to raise more money. Thank you Lily! Thank you Lily’s cheetah friends!

Littlest cheetah scientists

001_KidsforCheetahs300x200LilScientistsAzan and Nicola, two first grade students at Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School in Montreal, share a love of animals. They chose to partner up and expand their cheetah knowledge in the school’s science fair. They shared their cheetah facts with their classmates and talked about how CCF helps protect cheetahs. They explained how “cheetahs get blamed for killing farm animals because they don’t hunt at night like other wild cats: they hunt in the day. So when farmers find their animals dead, they see cheetahs and think it was the cheetah’s fault and sometimes shoot them. The CCF teaches farmers how to know which predator attacked their animals, they also train dogs to protect their animals”. They also explained how CCF cares for orphaned cheetahs. Check out their cool custom lab coats!

Showing their wild side for wild life

TattooCollageValley Charter School in California decided to help CCF by designing and selling temporary tattoos.They came up with a plan of action and followed through to raise over $700! These pint-sized philanthropists created tattoos of the animals they studied in class: panda, shark, rhino, tiger, polar bear and cheetah. They printed their designs onto tattoo paper and created posters to advertise and promote their project. They wrote and gave speeches about their project to all the classes at school. Then they sold their tattoos, two for a dollar, during snack recess for a whole week. All the unsold tattoos were sent to CCF as a present. Wasn’t that a great idea? Thanks Valley Charter School!

Getting the classroom involved

4th Graders of Mason, Ohio

4th Graders of Mason, Ohio

After reading about CCF in Time for Kids, the 4th graders in Laura Franz’s class at Mason Intermediate School of Mason City, Ohio wanted to make a difference for the cheetah. They took on a writing project – writing letters to Namibian farmers to save the cheetah. One of our staff had the privilege of talking to the students on the phone to thank them (made our day!) Thanks to Laura Franz’s 4th graders! You guys are terrific!

Conservation Quilts for Cheetahs

conservation quilts Seventeen year-old Liz Cooper of North Carolina has come up with a unique way to use her talents as a quilter to help animals. She created Conservation Quilts so that she could sell small quilted works, and donate the proceeds to wildlife organizations. Liz, along with her parents, came to Namibia to deliver the $200 she’d raised on behalf of the cheetah to Dr. Laurie Marker in person!

Carter’s Cat Family book

cat_family Carter has long had a love for Cheetahs and other big cats. About 18 months ago he had this idea of publishing his own book about the big cats of the world and to sell it to make money to help preserve them. After much research, formatting and editing- he had a final version of Cat Family 1. He then went around the neighborhood selling the books for $10 each, and successfully sold 20 copies. The proceeds from the sale of the first book went to a local animal shelter. Then a few months later he researched and published Cat Family 2. He then sold that around the neighborhood and dedicated the proceeds ($100) to Cheetah Conservation Fund

CCF had the chance to interview Carter:

Q: Why did you decide to do a CCF fundraiser?
A: Because of the trustful staff workers and since they always do their best to save the cheetahs and always have great success so I chose the CCF to help them. Also because I have always liked big cats especially cheetahs and I wanted to help them survive in the wilderness and have good care if they ever get hurt.

Q: What was the best thing about your experience?
A: Always seeing the smile from the customers helping me achieve my goal to donate money towards the CCF

Dorian decides to help, and raises $300!

CCF staff were so moved by this story we had to share:

DorianWhen Dorian was five and a half years old, he told his father that he wanted to grow up faster. His dad asked him why, and he said he was afraid that by the time he was 20 all the wild cheetahs would be gone and so it would be too late for him to try to help save them.

Dorian’s dad told him not to worry because he didn’t have to wait to help the cheetahs. They talked about how he might help even while he is still a kid. Dorian decided to ask all of his family to give money instead of toys, so that he could donate to help save cheetahs for his sixth birthday. Dorian raised $300.

Thanks Dorian!
Contact for more information