Wish list

We need items! Cheetah Conservation Fund’s International Research and Education Centre is three hours north of Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, and is miles away from the nearest town. Because of its remote location, there are often items of equipment that are difficult for us to get. Some of them are highly technical, sophisticated items like satellite tracking collars. Some are very simple things like gauze pads.

  • Buy an item from our wishlist and ship it to us.
  • Donate the money necessary to purchase an item from our wishlist.
  • If you are traveling to CCF in Namibia, offer to carry wishlist items with you.

radio collars

We urgently need satellite radio collars! Email us for details!

  • Ship your items straight to Namibia.
  • Avoid donating used equipment unless you’ve emailed us first. Sometime the cost of shipping and customs outweighs the usefulness of an item that is not at its full lifespan.
  • US Taxpayers may get a tax credit for their “in kind” donation. Please email us at info@cheetah.org if you want more information.
  • Make sure you write Donation on your package.
  • Calculate your shipping costs before you purchase an item. Use the following postal addresses:

Namibia – Postal Address (Preferred):
Cheetah Conservation Fund
P O Box 1755
Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Namibia – Courier Shipments:
Cheetah Conservation Fund
c/o CCF Bush (Pty) Ltd.
1603 Hatting Street
Otjiwarongo, Namibia
Ph.+264 67 304806

US Office
Cheetah Conservation Fund
200 Daingerfield Rd.
Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314

Shop our Amazon Wish Lists below and remember to use AmazonSmile to also donate a portion of the purchase to CCF. CCF Namibia has vaccination, prescription medicine and flea and tick preventative needs that can only be filled by licensed medical and veterinary professionals. These items are NOT included in the lists below. We are also interested in donations of used but working condition equipment. If your medical or veterinary practice would like to be one of our partners and provide donations of used equipment or vital medicines please contact donations@cheetah.org.

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