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We have made some great improvements to the infrastructure at our Centres in Namibia and Somaliland.

In Namibia, we finished our commissary which is the multi-use complex building housing some of CCF’s research offices, a series of centrally managed supply storage rooms, and a power storage room for the batteries used in CCF’s solar array. The building is adjacent to CCF’s Visitor’s Centre and serves as a much needed extension.

We completed a new goat kidding barn which increases the sanitary and security conditions, making the kidding process more visible to CCF’s staff and providing a center for veterinary lessons and Future Farmers of Africa training. We’ve also completed some remodeling and expansion of Camp Lightfoot to enhance the experience of the school groups that visit CCF for overnight education opportunities. The whole camp got a refresh including a new meal house with its own storage facility.

Construction underway in CCF Cheetah Safe House
New expanded cheetah enclosures

In Somaliland, CCF finished renovating Safe House 1 at the beginning of the year after finishing the building of Safe House 3. By June, all the young and growing cubs from Safe House 1 that were confiscated in 2020 were moved to Safe House 3. Safe house 1 has been left empty awaiting more cheetahs from confiscations.

In February, CCF used the new residential compound in Somaliland as a training facility for the first time, bringing in two groups of livestock veterinarians for training in wildlife care, with an emphasis on cheetahs.

Training of local veterinarians from Somaliland.