Your Top Resolution – Learn More About Cheetahs

  • by CCF Staff January 2, 2019
Your Top Resolution – Learn More About Cheetahs

Cheetah Books

A Celebration of Speed and Elegance

Dr. Marker and Suzi Eszterhas have teamed up again to revisit the cheetahs from their beautiful book A Future for Cheetahs. This gift book features beautiful images from wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas paired with cheetah facts from Dr. Laurie Marker.

Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation

Presents the latest in cheetah research and conservation efforts globally, furthering range-wide conservation plans for the cheetah in the wild, and best practice for their management in captivity. Includes contributions from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, ranging from genetics, ecology/behavior to large landscape conservation, policy, and the impact of climate change. Helps lay a foundation for the cheetah community worldwide by assembling current knowledge of the species and making it available not only to cheetah researchers and conservationists, but also to policy makers, business leaders, zoo managers, academics, students, and people interested in the cheetah and its future.


Known for his moody and emotional portraits and fashion work, Mark Segal takes a personal approach to photographing nature―employing a vision that differs distinctly from most wildlife photographers. The images collected in this monograph, designed by Fabien Baron, stand at a waypoint in Segal’s elusive and ongoing odyssey toward a deeper understanding of this regal feline and the mysterious hold it has on him. His wish is that viewers will be captivated as he is by the beauty of the cheetah and will recognize the imperative to protect the animal and ensure its survival on our planet.

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