Workation at CCF

  • by Susan Misicka December 2, 2016
Workation at CCF

Want to know what it’s like to spend your time helping CCF as a Working Guest? I’ve been logging my experiences serving CCF on my blog: On The Road with Susan. I’ve always loved cheetahs – I even chose the swift spotted cat as the subject of a third-grade science report, and it survived in my parents’ basement over all these years!

Boston is where I was born and earned my journalism degree. Today I live in Bern, Switzerland, and work for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation. I’m volunteering at CCF for a month and enjoying it immensely — especially feeding the cheetahs and getting to know their unique characters. Below are some snippets from my blog.

Nov. 23rd – Nearly 4o cheetahs live at CCF, some permanently, others with a chance to be released back into the wild. As part of my work here, I’m helping to care for the cheetahs – like “Little C” – who’s actually a big guy at 50kg / 110lbs. He purred at me this morning.
Nov. 19th – Spent two days exploring the Namibian capital. Admired this Herero lady’s dress, helped a locust find a nice succulent to munch on, and tried to get a handle on the nation’s history at the Independence Memorial Museum. Next stop: 3.5 hours north, near Otjiwarongo

Nov. 24th – Check out my hut, called a rondavel, in fact. It’s cute and practical, and it even smells a bit like gingerbread or graham crackers late in the day – after the thatched roof has been baking in the sun for hours.

See the featured image at the top of this blog to see my hut ?

For more on my CCF experience, check out my blog.

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