Volunteers Like Nancy Drive CCF’s Work

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker June 6, 2015
Volunteers Like Nancy Drive CCF’s Work

Nancy Boynton from Upland, New York has been to CCF 11 times. We’re not sure, but we think she may have the record for the most trips to CCF as a volunteer. Nancy first visited CCF as an Earthwatch Expedition volunteer, and she somehow found that special connection that brings her back to us year after year. We are so grateful she did! This year, Nancy chose to spend her recent 65th birthday here with us.

Amazingly, Nancy says she is not done with us yet – and we are truly thankful, as she is a blessing. Because she has been here so often, Nancy knows how to do so many things. When we need something done, I just say, “Oh, ask Nancy!” She is wonderfully efficient and not afraid to get her hands dirty – she knows how to cut meat for the cheetahs, she takes care of puppies and she can even add data into the computer correctly without asking questions. I trust her to do just about anything.

Even though CCF has an efficient staff, we are still a volunteer-driven organization. We consider our volunteers to be a part of our family, and we rely on them like family to help us get through. Like Nancy, many of our volunteers are committed for the long term, our donors are also active with CCF chapters.

From your CCF family – Thanks to all our volunteers who help in so many ways.

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