Teresa Delaney – True Friend to the Cheetah

  • by  February 14, 2019
Teresa Delaney – True Friend to the Cheetah

Teresa Delaney has distinguished herself among CCF donors by never missing a yearly donation. Since 1990, Teresa has made the commitment to contribute to CCF on a consistent basis. Not a year has passed in almost 30 years where Teresa didn’t donate to the support of CCF.

We have come to know Teresa through the years the same way we try to get to know all of our supporters. At the beginning of every year, CCF staff reviews our donor lists to decide how to best communicate with supporters like you. When we notice that someone has lapsed in donating, we send reminders and encouragement to come back to CCF. We need our supporters. The fate of the species relies on your contributions. It is rare and inspiring to know someone like Teresa who understands her power to make a change by being a dependable supporter of the cheetah.

Teresa and Dr. Marker at Wildlife Conservation Network Expo in 2006

We honor Teresa not only for her monetary contributions, but for all she’s done across the organization. She has participated at every level over the years and now serves as Trustee Emeritus on CCF’s U.S. Board. Teresa initiated and chaired CCF’s Run for the Cheetah in Portland as well as developed the Humans for Cheetahs concept to help empower others to create their own fundraising races and events. She was the first chair of Portland’s Big Cat. Big Party., a model fundraising event that has been replicated throughout the country and celebrated its 18th anniversary last year.

It may be hard to imagine, but Teresa has been involved with CCF since before it was a registered 501(c)3, before the first Livestock Guarding Dog was placed, and before our most famous cheetah ambassador Chewbaaka was born.

At every turn, Teresa has been there to encourage me and CCF staff. She has inspired other CCF supporters and has been in every way possible a loyal friend to the cheetah. Teresa says her reason for her unwavering support of CCF is simple.

CCF programs work. You can’t help be impressed by CCF’s holistic approach to conservation. Bushblok, the model farm, the creamery, the community and education programs, the Livestock Guard Dogs, and more…. Once you start listing everything CCF does, you realize just how extensive and comprehensive its vision is for saving the species. With this realization, you come to understand the challenges CCF faces. There is always something more to do and some other way to help.

Teresa and Dr. Marker at Wildlife Conservation Network Expo in 2006

This year, Teresa is encouraging CCF supporters like you to pledge your commitment to be a steady presence for the cheetah. “Whether it is money or time. Sometimes you can give only a little, sometimes you can give more, but you can always give something.”

Rejoin CCF today by making a contribution you can help to secure a future for the cheetah. Be a dependable presence in our organization, just like Teresa. A stalwart supporter and true friend to the cheetah.

Does Teresa’s story inspire you? Please join us in celebrating Teresa’s friendship by making a donation in her honor today.

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